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About our GUIDE

AVAILABLE around the region TODAY!

The Lake of the Woods Cottage Guide provides

cottagers with a combination of interesting magazine
articles, images and a one-stop sourcing guide for all of
their construction, product and service needs. The Lake
of the Woods Cottage Guide supports local trades to
ensure funds spent on projects in our region stays in the
local economy

The Lake of the Woods Cottage Guide is published by
Brignall Media, which is owned and operated by Rick
Brignall and Shelley Bujold. Rick is not only a local
contractor, owner/operator of Bob’s Electric, but also a
long-time freelance magazine writer. His articles have
appeared in hundreds of magazines including Cottage
Life, Cottage Magazine, The Cottager and Homes and
Cottages. His combined knowledge of the cottage
industry and trades will creates an attractive magazine
and a usable directory for the region.